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14339 Hagan, S. 2013
Hagan, S., "Time, Memory, and Mosaics at the Monastery of Lady Mary", Expedition 55, no. 1 (2013): 37-42.
Journal article
16438 Reynolds, D.K. 2013
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13766 Gregoricka, L.A., Sheridan, S.G. 2013
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Journal article
14340 Hickman, J. 2013
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Journal article
10251 Gutfeld, O. 2013
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Journal article
9718 Schuler, M. 2013
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Book Section
12904 Gutfeld, O., Ecker, A. 2013
Gutfeld, O. and Ecker, A., "‘Jesus is Here’: An Ancient Greek Inscription from Khirbet Beit Loya", in: Christ Is Here! Studies in Biblical and Christian Archaeology in Memory of Michele Piccirilo, ofm, edited by Chrupcała, L. D., 2013: 167-174.
Book Section
13171 Nocera, D. 2013
Nocera, D., "The Round Church at Beth Shean", Expedition 55, no. 1 (2013): 16-20.
Journal article
10475 Nagorski, A. 2013
Nagorski, A., "Russian bells of the Church of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem", Jerusalem and Eretz-israel 8-9 (2013): 27*-40* : 11 figs.
Journal article
20477 Massara, D. 2013
Massara, D., "Dal mosaico bizantino del monastero del Dominus Flevit (Gerusalemme) al Lapidarium della Flagellazione. Storia di un legame riscoperto", Museum [Tutela, studio, valorizzazione di un patrimonio museale a cura di Fulvia Ciliberto. Atti della Giornata di Studi di Archeologia delle Province Romane “Dal regno di Iudaea alla Provincia di Syria et Palaestina no. 17 (2013): 53-106.
Journal article
11561 Ashkenazi, J., Aviam, M. 2013
Ashkenazi, J. and Aviam, M., "Horbat Bata — A Village and Its Monasteries: Portrait of a Rural Christian Landscape in Late Antiquity ", Cathedra 147 (2013): 7-32 (in Hebrew).
Journal article
9485 Młynarczyk, J., Burdajewicz, M. 2013
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Book Section
10759 Rahma, A. M. S., Yacob, B. Z. , Bacto, D. T. 2013
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Journal article
13593 Mazor, G. 2013
Mazor, G., "The Visits of St. Sabas to Beth Shean", Expedition 55, no. 1 (2013): 44-48.
Journal article
11497 Taxel, I. 2013
Taxel, I., "From Prosperity to Survival: Rural Monasteries in Palestine in the Transition from Byzantine to Muslim Rule (Seventh Century AD)", in: Mobility, Transition and Change in Prehistory and Classical Antiquity. Proceedings of the Graduate Archaeology Organisation Conference on the Fourth and Fifth of April 2008 at Hertford College, Oxford, UK, edited by Preston, P. R. and Schörle, K., Oxford, 2013: 145-154.
Book Section
13603 Stern, E. 2013
Stern, E., "Karmi’el, Survey, final report", Hadashot Arkheologiyot 125 (2013).
Journal article
15460 Briquel Chatonnet, F. 2013
Briquel Chatonnet, F., "Trésors du musée Bible et Terre sainte", Le Monde de la Bible hors-série (2013).
Journal article
9179 Chambers, S. 2013
Chambers, S., "Window Glass Finds in the Northeast Church", in: Hippos - Sussita of the Decapolis. The First Twelve Seasons of Excavations 2000 - 2011, edited by Segal, A. et al., Haifa, 2013: 243-249.
Book Section
17481 Zissu, B., Ganor, A., Klein, E., Klein, A. 2013
Zissu, B., Ganor, A., Klein, E. and Klein, A., "New Discoveries at Horvat Burgin in the Judean Shephelah: Tombs, Hiding Complexes, and Graffiti", Palestine Exploration Quarterly 145, no. 1 (2013): 29-52.
Journal article
16239 Taxel, I. 2013
Taxel, I., "Identifying Social Hierarchy through House Planning in the Villages of Late Antique Palestine: the Case of Horvat Zikhrin", Antiquité Tardive 21 (2013): 149-166.
Journal article