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14811 Ashkenazi, J., Aviam, M. 2017
Ashkenazi, J. and Aviam, M., "Monasteries and Villages: Rural Economy and Religious Interdependency in Late Antique Palestine", Vigiliae Christianae 71, no. 2 (2017): 117-133.
Journal article
14349 Zelinger, Y., Mashiach, A. 2017
Zelinger, Y., Mashiach, A., "Excavations in the Jerusalem Region 2015-2016", New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region. Collected Papers 11 (2017): 11-30 (in Hebrew).
Journal article
15076 Di Segni, L., Gellman, D. 2017
Di Segni, L. and Gellman, D., "A Justinian Inscription North of Byzantine Jerusalem, and its Importance for the Dating of the Nea Chuch Inscription", New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region. Collected Papers 11 (2017): 27*-37*.
Journal article
15423 Habas, L. 2017
Habas, L., "Mosaic Floors, Liturgical Vessels and Furniture, and Architectural Sculpture from the Byzantine Monastery in Nahal Qidron, Jerusalem", ‘Atiqot 89 (2017): 83-100.
Journal article
14682 Zelinger, Y., Barbé, H. 2017
Zelinger, Y. and Barbé, H., "A Byzantine Monastery in Naḥal Qidron, Jerusalem", ‘Atiqot 89 (2017): 49-82.
Journal article
15434 Sukenik, N. 2017
Sukenik, N., "Leather fragments from a Tomb in the Byzantine Monastery in Nahal Qidron, Jerusalem", ‘Atiqot 89 (2017): 111-112.
Journal article
15435 Winter, T. 2017
Winter, T., "The Glass finds from the Byzantine Monastery in Nahal Qidron, Jerusalem", ‘Atiqot 89 (2017): 101-106.
Journal article
19411 Shalem, D., Aviam, M. 2017
Shalem, D. and Aviam, M., "Shavé Ziyyon", Hadashot Arkheologiyot Excavations and Surveys in Israel no. 129 (2017).
Journal article
15868 Rotov, Nikodim (Arkhimandrit) 2017
Rotov, Nikodim (Arkhimandrit), "Istoriya Rysskoi Dyxovnoi Missii v Ierysalime. Glava IV/ History of Russian Spiritual Mission in Jerusalem (Russian)", (2017).
Journal article
14588 Varga, D., Rasyuk, A. 2017
Varga, D. and Rasyuk, A., "The Byzantine Monastery at Ḥura in the Northern Negev", Qadmoniot 50, no. 154 (2017): 109-118 (in Hebrew).
Journal article
14863 Tchekhanovets, Y. 2017
Tchekhanovets, Y., "The 1930's Excavations at the YMCA Site in Jerusalem and the Byzantine 'Monastery of the Iberians'", Liber Annuus 67 (2017): 427-448.
Journal article
16205 Bogdanović, J. 2017
Bogdanović, J., The Framing of Sacred Space. The Canopy and the Byzantine Church, New York, NY, 2017.
19439 Segal, O. , 'Ad, U., Shmueli, A. 2017
Segal, O., 'Ad, U. and Shmueli, A., "Modi'in, Horvat Hadat (Hebrew and English)", Hadashot Archeologiot – ESI no. 129 (2017).
Journal article
15294 Dahari, U., Sion, O. 2017
Dahari, U. and Sion, O., "Ruheiba-Rehovot in the Negev as a Model Desert Town", Qadmoniot 50, no. 154 (2017): 66-77 (in Hebrew).
Journal article
14896 Segal, I. 2017
Segal, I., "Provenance Study of a Basaltic Millstone from the Byzantine Monastery in Nahal Qidron, Jerusalem", ‘Atiqot 89 (2017): 107-109.
Journal article
18473 Khurtsilava, B. 2017
Khurtsilava, B., The inscriptions of the Georgian Monastery in Bi’r el-Qutt and their chronology, Tbilisi, 2017.
18823 Di Segni, L. 2017
Di Segni, L., "Expressions of Prayer in Late Antique Inscriptions in the Provinces of Palaestina and Arabia", in: Prayer and Worship in Eastern Christianities, 5th to 11th Centuries, edited by Bitton-Ashkelony, B. and Krueger, D., London, 2017: 63-88.
Book Section
18615 Burdajewicz, M. 2017
Burdajewicz, M., "From Pagan Temple to Church in Late Antiquity Palestine. A View from Hippos-Sussita", Études et Travaux XXX (2017): 181-209.
Journal article
14989 Taxel, I. 2018
Taxel, I., "Late Antique Ionic Column Capitals in the Countryside of Central Palestine between Provincial Trends and Classical Traditions", Studies in Late Antiquity 2, no. 1 (2018): 84-125.
Journal article
16138 Patrich J. 2018
Patrich J., A walk to Caesarea: A historical-archaeological perspective, Jerusalem, 2018.