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19812 Adawi, Z., Raviv, K. 2021
Adawi, Z. and Raviv, K., "A Byzantine Monastery at Khirbet al-Maṣani' in Northern Jerusalem, with the Tomb of an Ascetic Monk", Qadmoniot 54, no. 161 (2021): 47-52 (Hebrew).
Journal article
20872 Weiss, Z. 2021
Weiss, Z., Sepphoris. A Mosaic of Cultures (Hebrew)., Jerusalem, 2021.
19901 Arubas, B.Y. 2022
Arubas, B.Y., "The Christian topography of Bet-Shean after Cyril of Scythopolis - historicity versus reality", in: Gabriel Mazor FS, edited by Wardeman, Atrash and Gendelman, Oxford, 2022: .
Book Section
19902 Di Segni, L. 2022
Di Segni, L., "The Church of the Martyr and Other Churches at Beth Shean: A Study of Literary and Epigraphic Sources", in: Gabriel Mazor FS, edited by Wardeman, Atrash and Gendelman, Oxford, 2022: .
Book Section
20950 Zelinger, Y. 2022
Zelinger, Y., "A Byzantine-Period Monastery at Har Ḥoma, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem", in: ‘Atiqot, 2022: 257-292.
Book Section
14448 Oren, T. ca. 2017
Oren, T., "Apollonia-Arsuf Excavation Project", (ca. 2017).
Journal article
19410 Herbert, Sh.C., Berlin, A.M. Feb. 2003
Herbert, Sh.C. and Berlin, A.M., "A New Administrative Center for Persian and Hellenistic Galilee: Preliminary Report of the University of Michiganl University of Minnesota Excavations at Kedesh", BASOR no. 329 (Feb. 2003): 13-59.
Journal article
19627 Bäbler, B. , Fantalkin, A. forthcoming
Bäbler, B. and Fantalkin, A., "Azotos Paralios (Ashdod Yam, Israel) during the Periods of Roman and Byzantine Domination: Literary Sources vs. Archaeological Evidence", in: Wort und Raum. Religionsdiskurse und Materialität im Palästina des 4.–9. Jahrhunderts n. Chr., edited by Horn, C. and Bäbler, B., Atlanta, forthcoming: .
Book Section
12186 Di Segni, L. forthcoming
Di Segni, L., "Three Greek Inscriptions from Giv‘ot Bar", forthcoming: .
Book Section
12188 Patrich, J. forthcoming
Patrich, J., "Recent archaeological research on monasteries in Israel - An Update on Distribution", (forthcoming).
Journal article
19484 Fabian, P., Golan, K. , Goldfus, H. in preparation
Fabian, P., Golan, K. and Goldfus, H., "A Monastic Complex and Agricultural Installations at Kh. Barud - Southern Judean Plain ", (in preparation).
Journal article
18710 al-Jubeh, N., al-Bandak, Z., et als. Issue: 260.5, Dec 2019
al-Jubeh, N., al-Bandak, Z. and et als., "The Treasures of Nativity ", no. Special Issue (Issue: 260.5, Dec 2019).
Journal article