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Nidsort descending Site Name Church name View
92 Tiberias Mt. Berenice View
107 Sussita Southwest Church (SWC) View
108 Sussita Northeast Church (NEC) View
109 Sussita Northwest Church (NWC) View
447 Jerusalem (Mount of Olives) Gethsemane (Church of Agony) View
2561 Jerusalem (Old city) Probatica; St. Mary View
11975 ʻAnab el-Kabir (Khirbet ʻAnab) Church View
11981 Kursi-Gerasa; Chorsia-Gergesa Church View
12240 Beit 'Anun (Bethennim) SE slope Church (Central Church) View
12250 ʻAbud Sta. Barbara; Barbāra el-Kenīseh; Barbāra el-Kadīseh View
12251 ʻAbud Mar Abadiah; Mar A’badja; Mar Abadja View
12252 ʻAbud Sta. Anastasia; Deir Nostas; Deir Nestesieh View
12253 ʻAbud St. Theodore; Mar Todros; Mar Thodrous View
12283 ʻAbud Greek Orthodox church of Setti Miriam; al-'Abudiyah View
12289 ʻAbud Deir Sim'an View
12401 'Ein Fattir Church View
12438 Heptapegon The Miracle of the Multiplying of Loaves and Fishes,1- Chapel. View
12439 Heptapegon The Sermon on the Mount. View
12440 Heptapegon - Mensa Domini; The Primacy of Peter The Primacy of Peter. View
12444 Heptapegon The Miracle of the Multiplying of Loaves and Fishes,2- Basilica. View