Khirbet Banaya (Hazor Ashdod) - Church

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Selected bibliography: 
71-72, no. 61 (ed. pr.)
68, no. 93, pl. 78.2 (ph.)
73-74, no. 92
49, no. 4, fig. 10 (ph.)
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CIIP III (2014): 2316 (ph.)

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Findspot: In the center of the westernmost mosaic panel of the northern hall.

Pres. loc.: IAA inv. no. 1957-1347/10.

Physical description : 

A round medallion, 120 cm in diameter, encloses a crux gemmata, with various decorations and the letters Ι Χ Α Ω, between its arms. Curiously, while the chi, alpha, and omega are more or less symmetrically disposed with respect to the arms of the cross, the iota is quite displaced from the position expected to occupy, squeezed aside by the decorative element in the upper left quadrant of the medallion. Ameling (CIIP) suggests that the inscription was a late addition to an already existing design, which however does not solve the problem of the unusual location of the iota, for the design of the medallion itself, or at least its upper half, is unbalanced even without the inscription.


Ἰ(ησοῦς) Χ(ριστοῦ)

ἄ(λφα) ὦ(μεγα)


Jesus Christ – Alpha Omega.


Christian acclamation in the center of the westernmost mosaic panel of the northern hall.

Citations from LXX / NT: 
Apoc. 1:8, 21:6, 22:13