Ḥorvat Qav - Monastery

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Source of knowledge
Archaeological remains
Excavated site
Stern, Abu Uqsa and Getzov
State of certainty: 
Archaeologicaly definitive
Architectural evolution
General outline: 
No stratification of the monastic phase was reported by the excavator. The monastery was constructed on the remains of an earlier settlement dating to the early Byzantine period. It was founded in the late Byzantine period.
Phase date
6th-7th c.
Iconoclastic evidence
Iconoclastic evidence: 
General outline: 
The monastery was abandoned sometime in the early seventh century CE. It showed no signs of violent destruction.
Phase date
7th-8th c.
Post Arab conquest history: 
Post conquest history comments: 
The monastery was abandoned in the Early Islamic period. It was resettled in the Abbasid period (8th century CE) and the existing structures, which were mostly intact, were used as a potters' workshop evidenced by the large amount of potters' debris and squashed vessels.