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Nid Site Name Church name View
87 Ḥorvat Midras Church View
92 Tiberias Mt. Berenice View
107 Sussita Southwest Church (SWC) View
108 Sussita Northeast Church (NEC) View
109 Sussita Northwest Church (NWC) View
144 Shavei Zion - South Church South Church View
147 Nahariya Giv'at Katsenelson View
149 Beth Yerah (Philotheria; Khirbet el-Kerak) Church View
155 Jerusalem (Greater Jerusalem) CATHISMA; KATHISMA View
447 Jerusalem (Mount of Olives) Gethsemane (Church of Agony) View
635 Ḥorvat Hesheq ST. GEORGE View
2561 Jerusalem (Old city) Probatica; St. Mary View
2983 Nessana SS. Sergius and Bacchus (North church) View
3128 Jerusalem (Mount of Olives) near Bethphage (Ancona?) View
4099 Ascalon Barnea North Church (Kh. es-Sawarif) View
4156 Ascalon Barnea Barnea North; (Nahal Evtah) View
4199 Alumma Church View
4201 Ascalon (Tel) South Church View
4852 Ascalon (Tel) East Church (Saint Mary the Green?) View
11973 Ascalon Barnea Barnea View