Tel Tanninim - Monastery

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Source of knowledge
Archaeological remains
Surveyed site
Excavated site
Yankelevich and Ziegelman
The remains at Tel Tanninim are meagre, consisting of a few mosaic pavements of varied quality. A fragmented decorative colorful mosaic may have belonged to the church. An abbot is mentioned in an inscription which may have been located at the entrance to the chapel, indicating that this was probably a monastery. Nearby, a later excavation revealed evidence of fish cultivation (Stieglitz 2006) but it is not known if this had any connection to the proposed monastery. The excavator (Stieglitz 2006: 57) suggested that this may have been a pilgrims' waystation, based on its location close to the coastal road and on the elaborate church, its walls decorated with a colourful glass mosaic and on many fragments of marble church furniture.
State of certainty: 
Archaeologicaly definitive
Architectural evolution
Dating material: 

Mosaic dated to late 5th and 6th (Vito 1996: 122, 123, 125-127)

Epigraphic- a fragmentary inscription dated to sixth or early seventh century mentions an abbot and probably records some building activity.

Phase date
5th-6th c.
Phase date
8th c.
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Post Arab conquest history: