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15900 Adams, M.J. , Tepper, Y. 2014
Adams, M.J. and Tepper, Y., "The Castra of the Roman VIth Legion Ferrata (Legio, Israel): Archaeogeophysical Investigations, Remote Sensing, and Excavation, 2010-2014", in: ASOR Annual Confernce, 2014: .
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15901 Kol-Yaʼakov, Sh. 2014
Kol-Yaʼakov, Sh., "Church-Martyrion in Nesher Ramla", in: Innovations in the Study of Ancient Churches and Monasteries in Israel. The Sixth Conference of the Israel Association for Byzantine Studies, Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee, 2014: 14 (in Hebrew).
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12517 Nahshoni, P., Seriy, G. 2014
Nahshoni, P. and Seriy, G., "Byzantine monastery and the remains of a settlement from the Islamic period at Horvat Ma'on", ‘Atiqot 78 (2014): *13-*62 (in Hebrew; English summery 162-163).
Journal article
16977 Zilberbod, I. 2014 Journal article
14894 Kloner, A., Graicer, N. 2014
Kloner, A. and Graicer, N., "A Byzantine Church near Tel Maresha", Qadmoniot 47, no. 147 (2014): 42-47.
Journal article
13396 Ashkenazi, J. 2014
Ashkenazi, J., "Holy Man versus Monk- Village and Monastery in the Late Antique Levant: Between Hagiography and Archaeology", Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 57 (2014): 745-765.
Journal article
14223 Madden, A. M. 2014
Madden, A. M., Corpus of Byzantine Church Mosaic Pavements from Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Leuven, Paris, Walpole, MA, 2014.
15335 Talgam, R., Arubas, B. 2014
Talgam, R. and Arubas, B., "Jews, Christians and ‘Minim’: Who Really Built and Used the Synagogue at Capernaum – A Stirring Appraisal", in: Knowledge and Wisdom, Archaeological and Historical Essays in Honour of Leah Di Degni, edited by Bottini, G. C., Chrupcała, L. D. and Patrich, J., Jerusalem, 2014: 237-274.
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11526 Ameling, W., Cotton, H. M., Eck, W., Isaac, B., Kushnir-Stein, A., Misgav, ‎H., Price, J., Yardeni, A. 2014
Ameling, W., Cotton, H. M., Eck, W., Isaac, B., Kushnir-Stein, A., Misgav, ‎H., Price, J. and Yardeni, A., Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae III: South ‎Coast: 2161-2648, Berlin - Boston, 2014.
11034 Talgam, R. 2014
Talgam, R., Mosaics of Faith. Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land, Jerusalem and Pennsylvania, 2014.
13724 Ariel, D. T. 2015
Ariel, D. T., "Coins from the excavation in Ketef Hinnom, Jerusalem", ‘Atiqot 80 (2015): 59*-65* (in hebrew; English summery 144).
Journal article
13037 Dayan, A. 2015
Dayan, A., Monasteries in the Northern Judean Shephelah and the Samaria Western Slopes During the Byzantine and the Early Islamic Periods, Ph.D. Dissertation, Bar Ilan University, 2015.
12806 Magen, Y. 2015
Magen, Y., Christians and Christianity V: Monastery of Martyrius, Jerusalem, 2015.
18237 Taha, H. , Hamamra, W., Yasin, J., Nasasra, B., el-Faris, D., et als. 2015
Taha, H., Hamamra, W., Yasin, J., Nasasra, B., el-Faris, D. and et als., The Monastery of Bir el-Hamam in Beit Felasteen Mount Gerizim, Ramallah, 2015.
13195 Shalev-Hurwitz, V. 2015
Shalev-Hurwitz, V., Holy Sites Encircled. The Early Byzantine Concentric Churches of Jerusalem, Oxford, 2015.
13602 Gur, Y. 2015
Gur, Y., "Horbat Midrasa, final report", Hadashot Arkheologiyot 127 (2015).
Journal article
13524 Varga, D. 2015
Varga, D., "Hura, Nahal Shoqet, Preliminary report", Hadashot Arkheologiyot 127 (2015).
Journal article
18259 Taha, H. 2015
Taha, H., "The Monastery of Bir el-Hamam, Mount Gerizim, Palestine Site Management and Presentation", RA no. 2 (2015): 32-45.
Journal article
13079 Lipschits, O., Gadot, Y., Arubas, B., Oeming, M. 2015
Lipschits, O., Gadot, Y., Arubas, B. and Oeming, M., "Chapter twelve: The Fifth Building Phase in Ramat Rahel- The Settlement in the Late Roman Period and the Byzantine Period", in: What the Stones are Whispering? Ramat Rahel. 3000 Years of Forgotton History, Jerusalem, 2015: 103-109.
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18290 Stripling, D.S. 2015
Stripling, D.S., "Khirbet el-Maqatir, on the Border between Benjamin and Ephraim", Qadmoniot 48, no. 150 (2015): 78-83 (Hebrew).
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