Ḥorvat Midras - Church - Nave

Location in the architectural complex: 
Mosaic floor
Illustrative material: 
Materials, palette: 
Yellow, brown, red, gray, red, pink, black, green
14 x 14 per sq dem
The main hall was paved with a carpet framed by a vine that forms into medallions containing animals or fruit baskets.The south corner has two rows of three well-preserved medallions containing fruit baskets.In the bottom row, the southern basket contains a cluster of grapes, pomegranates and figs while the northern medallion is more open in shape and padded with leaves and it contains what appears to be the Seven Species. In the above row, a medallion with a depiction of a lion hunting a long-horned animal has been preserved. To its north is a medallion with a brown-red animal, probably a bull. The medallion near it has been badly preserved but it is probably inhabited by a predatory animal as indicated by a yellow paw, perhaps belonging to another lion or tiger. In between the medallions formed from the vine was preserved the body of a bird whose head did not survive. Birds in this model are also found in two other rectangular panels in the church stacks. The carpet was framed by two frames:The inner frame, a running wave and an acanthus plexus made of medallions populated with animals. The western medallion contains a lioness, to its east the medallions contain: a spotted leopard looking backwards,to its south a lamb,next to it a bear with a turned down head and finally a faint depiction of what is probably a bull. The outer frame is a geometric yellow and grey diamond design linked together by a red ribbon like a necklace.
Iconographical motives: 
fruit basket
seven species
hunting lions