IETHIRA; Khirbet Yattir - The Southern Church (Area C) - Nave- second phase

Location in the architectural complex: 
Nave- second phase
Mosaic floor
Illustrative material: 
25 per dm
A carpet with a field composed of 23 horizontal registers containing an array of irregular lines,trees and crosses. The carpet is surrounded by a white margin with an F motif margin and a band of B9 at the western end. The eastern part contains a cross at its center and the letters NOH in the east. West to this filed is a large cross and and further west there is a field with a rectangular frame and a 12 line inscription: All the work was completed in the end of March, indication 6, in the year of the city 257, for the salvation and succour of the most holy of the Christ loving hegumen Thomas, by myself Zacharias (son) of Jesse, and servant of God.
Geometric patterns: 
Avi-Yonah B9
Avi-Yonah A2
Avi-Yonah B7
Avi-Yonah B8
Avi-Yonah I10
Iconographical motives: 
The inscription NOH may stand for Noah, who might represent a link between the old and new testament. He is a figure that represents the redemption of humanity, not only from the flood but from a social order of sin. Noah also stands for triumph over death and is linked to Chris'ts resurrection.This inscription is located at the center of four medallions,perhaps representing the four evangelists or four gospels.