Jerusalem (Extra mural) - Funerary chapel (?) of Theodosia and Georgia; Musrara - Hall- lower register

Location in the architectural complex: 
Hall- lower register
Mosaic floor
Illustrative material: 
Two panels paved with stone slabs and between them, a panel with the portraits of two women, haloed and wearing and wearing Byzantine court dress of dalmatic, pallium and mantle, with embroidered shoes. The woman on the left holds a bird in her hands; the woman on the right holds a flower.Between them a pillar with a ribbon tied around it. Greek inscriptions recognize the women as Theodosia and Georgia. Beneath them is a wide geometric border pattern forming two circles and two squares. Within them, from left to right: A hunter with a spear facing right towards a beribboned leopard, leaping left, towards him; a lion leaping to the right towards a hunter, who faces it, also with a spear. Both hunters wear only a chlamys, floating behind them.
Iconographical motives: