Jerusalem (Extra mural) - Funerary chapel (?) of Theodosia and Georgia; Musrara - Hall- upper register

Location in the architectural complex: 
Hall- upper register
Mosaic floor
Illustrative material: 
The mosaic features the youthful figure of Orpheus, wearing a chlamys and Phrygian bonnet, seated and holding an eleven-stringed cithara. Surrounded by animals, from left to right eagle, bear, sheep; snake mongoose wearing a harness, partridge, mouse or rat. Below, a centaur, a leopard skin over his left shoulder, his right hand touching his face, his left holding a club, a rabbit and Pan- his right hand outstretched, he holds a syrinx under his left arm. The border is made out of acanthus scrolls forming fourteen medallions containing: South Border: Duck; citron; galloping horse; pomegranates.West Border: Partridge; stag; ibis.North Border: Almonds; basket of grapes, bull and bird. East Border: Beribboned dove, bust of a woman, crowned and wearing a bulla, The corners of the carpet hold four vegetal heads, two bearded and two beard-less. holding a cornucopia; deer.