Khirbet el-Beiyudat - Church - Aisles

Location in the architectural complex: 
Mosaic floor
Illustrative material: 
The north aisle contains a white margin with rows of squares (17.8 x 3.3 m) with a field of identical (A9) smaller squares arranged in 63 rows of six. The south aisle contains a white margin with a continuous row of E-type diamonds bordering five different panels. It is unique in style with richer complex patterns. Likely, it was paved separately from the nave mosaic.The five panels from west to east: 1. A border of A1 and a field of J1 with a vertical row of three square medallions. Each medallion houses an E-motif circle that contains a corselet formed by F-motifs. 2. A border of A1 and a field of H3. One of the square medallions contains an I4. 3. A square carpet with a border of B3 and field of J1. The carpet contains a central medallion surrounded by alternating round and oval medallions. The central medallion houses an interlacing motif while the surrounding oval medallions house an E-motif and the round medallions contain concentric circles. On the north side, there is a Greek inscription within a tabula ansata reading: lord, help your servants Aphleos and Lukas the priests, and Stephen Samaios, Eliseos and Lypon.
Geometric patterns: 
Avi-Yonah A9
Avi-Yonah J1
Avi-Yonah E
Avi-Yonah B3
Avi-Yonah A1
Avi-Yonah H3
Iconographical motives: 
concentric circle