Tel Kerioth - Church - Apse and bema

Location in the architectural complex: 
Apse and bema
Mosaic floor
Materials, palette: 
white, black, red and more
110 tesserae per 10 cm.
the mosaic is compsed of two parts surrounded by the same border. The border is made of an meander variation with half the design is made of a B3 pattern (According to Govrin) or a B2 pattern (According to Madden). Between the Meanders are square gaps with a black border which appear to contain birds and a floral motive. The Birds were destroyed by iconclasm. A secondary border is made of B7-8 with A2 on both sides. The western part of the mosaic, 3.5X2.2 m., is located in the bema. The field is composed of interlacing circles and circles, ovals and meanders. Similar to the border half the desogn is made of a B3 pattern. Each oval has two conch pattern in each end. In the ovals, circls and spaces between the shapes were various animals which were destoyed and repaired with white mosaic. The eastern part of the mosaic, located in the apse, is in the shape of half an oval. The field is a white mosaic with holes indicating the location of an altar. The mian decoration is a medalion made of B3 between A1s. In the center is a decorative cros that was dameged and never repaired. Two red lines can be seen creating an X on the cross. Coming out from the bottom of the medallion are three ivy vines ending with leaves. The central vine is straight and short while the other winding to the sides. To the sides of the medallion are two borades that were destroyed. Next to altar are two peacocks that were also destroyed.
Geometric patterns: 
Avi-Yonah B3
Avi-Yonah A19
Avi-Yonah B7
Avi-Yonah B8
Avi-Yonah A2
Avi-Yonah I8
Avi-Yonah A1
Avi-Yonah B2
Floral motives: 
Ivy vines