Tel Kerioth - Church - Southern aisle

Location in the architectural complex: 
Southern aisle
Mosaic floor
Materials, palette: 
Western carpet-Black, white, red (dark and bright) and mustard. Eastern carpet- Red, black and white.
90 tesserae per 10 cm.
Two mosaic carpets. The western is 4X2m. The eastern is 6.7X2 m. Both carpets are surrounded by a white mosaic covering the all aisle. The western carpet has a border of a plain black strip and a plain white strip. The field is composed of interlacing circls. In the center of every circle is a smaller circle containning a ten-point star. In the ovals created by the interlacing circls are two arrow shapes pointing outward and between them squares tat are divied to triangles by black lines in two different colors-bright red and mustard. The eastern carpet has a 18 rows of 7 flower buds a row.
Geometric patterns: 
Avi-Yonah A1
Avi-Yonah J4
Ten-point star