'Agur: 'Ajjur: Kh. el-'Inab - Church

General description: 

The excavated part is mainly the southern and the eastern sections of the basilica. The part of a northern wall of an atrium, a narthex, two aisles' colonnades, a bema and an apse were exposed. A small annexed chapel adjoined the northern wall of the church. The exterior dimensions of the church - 19x13 m.

Colored mosaic floors with repairs were found in various areas of the church.


The church was dated to the end of 4th - beginning of 5th century according to the coins found in the bema area.

Abbreviation for Journals and Series


Item number Location in the architectural complex View
1 Atrium View
2 Narthex View
3 Nave View
4 South aisle View
5 North aisle View
6 Apse View