Beer Sheba - Triconch Church

General description: 

The church was built in a shape of three-aisled basilica with the transversal colonnaded transept. The eastern part of the church was terminated with the triconch altar (one apse on the eastern side and two lateral, completeing the wings of the transept). The plan had a shape of the Latin cross. The floors were covered initially with the colourful mosaic floor. On the second stage the mosaic floor was replaced with the opus sectile pavement (with marble tiles, comprising the geometrical decoration). A narthex led to the church. four rooms were built in the corners of the church, causing the internal cross-shaped space.

The structure mesured 41X28 m. 


According to an inscription in the northern part of the transept the church was built in 532/3.

The church mosaics were covered with a new marble floor. The bema was extended to the west.

The church roof collapsed. The latest ceramics and coins are dated  to about 750 CE.

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Item number Location in the architectural complex View
1 Narthex View
2 North aisle View
3 Northen part of the transept View
4 Under the bema's extension View
5 The western part of the bema View