Ascalon Barnea - Barnea

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242-243, no. 1, pl. 70.1 (ph.) (in Hebrew) (ed. pr.)
249-250, fig. 22
69, no. 3
498-499, no. 148, fig. 191 (ph.)
22, no. 18
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Epigraphical corpora: 

SEG 37 (1987): 1472 A

CIIP III (2014): 2327 a (ph.)


In the centre of the eastern room.

Pres. loc.: In situ. Autopsy: 9 March 2013 (A. and N. Graicer).

Physical description : 

The inscription is set within a rectangular frame (108 x 89 cm) with a triple border, in the centre of a geometric carpet of the diaconicon. It is oriented to the east and stands on the same axis of inscription no. 1: the axis is also stressed by an amphora sending forth a vine trellis, which is represented in the western border of the carpet. Probably the passageway connecting the two rooms was alined with this axis. The characters of the inscription are traced in pink tesserae on a white background and are 10 cm high. Two abbreviation marks are used: a small diagonal stroke and a tiny stigma. The numerals are unmarked.


      Ἔτους βχʹ μη(νὸς) Ἀρτεμ(ισίου) ειʹ

      ἐπὶ τοῦ θεοφιλ(εστάτου) κ(αὶ) ἁγιωτ(άτου)

      ἐπισκ(όπου) Ἀναστασίου τὸ

4    πᾶν ἔργον τοῦ διακονικ(οῦ)

      ἐκ θεμελίων ἐκτίσθη

      καὶ ἐψηφώ⟨θ⟩η.


In the year 602, in the month of Artemisios, on the 15th (day), in the days of the most God-loving and holy bishop Anastasius, the whole building of the diaconicon was completed and paved.


L.1 ΑΡΤΕΚΗΙ = Ἀρτε(μισίου) κ(αὶ) η´ ἰ(νδικιτιῶνος) Tzaferis, but it is unacceptable as a formula; moreover, Artemisios 602 corresponds to May-June 499, in the 7th indiction. A photo of the cleaned mosaic, taken by Bagatti, shows the reading above.


AU 602 corresponds to AD 489/9; Artemisios began on 26 May. No indiction is given, and the digits at the end of the first line undoubtedly reder to the day of the month.

Given date: 
day of the month
9 May 499

Dated mosaic building inscription of the diaconicon set in a rectangular frame, in the centre of the eastern room.

was paved with mosaic
the work was done
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Ecclesiastical titles: 
Epithets of clergy/monks: 
God-loving (theophiles)
most holy (hagiotatos)
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Epigraphical Abbreviations: 
small diagonal stroke, tiny stigma​​​​​​​