Kh. Jannaba et-Taḥta - Chapel (?)

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Selected bibliography: 
27 (in Hebrew)
196, no. 983 (lines 1-2)
113-116, fig. 3 (ph.) (ed. pr.)
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Epigraphical corpora: 

SEG 41 (1991): 1563

CIIP IV.1 (2018): 3311 (phs.)

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Findspot: In the mosaic floor of the second building stage of the site.

Pres. loc.: Beth Shemesh and Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem, IAA inv. no. 1975-933. Autopsy: 5 June 2014 (Werner Eck, only the right fragment in the Rockefeller Museum).

Physical description : 

Mosaic inscription in a tabula ansata, 2.51 m long and 0.62 m wide. The border of the tabula ansata consists, from outside to inside, of one row of white tesserae, one black row, two white rows, one black row and one white row. A similar sequence of colors is repeated in the ears of the tabula ansata. The text of the inscription is written in smaller black tesserae (1.3 x 1.4 cm) on a dense white ground (64 tesserae per sq. dcm), in three registers, separated by two rows of larger tesserae. The top register is 11 cm high, the middle 9.5 cm and the lower 10 cm. The letters in line 1 (8 cm) are larger than those of lines 2 and 3 (7 cm), and the interlinear space is 5 cm. There are lacunae in lines 1 and 2 due to later damage. Similarly, in line 3, at the end of the indiction number, a 10 x 10 cm square was already destroyed when the mosaic was plastered over in Stage 3. (Dauphin)


[Ἐπὶ το]ῦ θεοφιλεστάτου

[--]ανου πρεσβ(υτέρου) ἐγένετ(ο) τὸ

ἔργον τῆς ψιφόσεος, ἰνδ(ικτιῶνος) ιβ̣ʹ.


Under the most God-loving priest ... anus the work of the mosaic was made, indiction 12. (CIIP)


L.2: [Ἰωάν]νου Meimaris.


Lettering and pottery finds suggest a 6th cent. date. (Dauphin)

Given date: 
6th cent.

Dated building inscription within a tabula ansata, in the mosaic floor of the second building stage of the site.

the work was done
Definitions of building/part of building: 
psephosis,psephotheteia (mosaic)
Ecclesiastical titles: 
Epithets of clergy/monks: 
God-loving (theophiles)
Personal names: 
Ioannes (?)
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