Khan el-Ahmar - EUTHYMIUS

Church/Monastery name: 
Khan el-Ahmar - EUTHYMIUS
Inscription number: 
Selected bibliography: 
35 (in Hebrew)
418-419, 462, fig. 52 (ph., dr.) (ed. pr.)
546, no. 649
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Epigraphical corpora: 

SEG 40 (1990): 1485

CIIP IV.1 (2018): 3131 (ph.)

Inscription type: 

Engraved on a marble fragment, found blocking together with other stones the entrance to the western burial chamber in 1976.

On a moveable object: 
chancel screen
Physical description : 

Large white marble fragment of a chancel screen (?). The original text of the inscription (a) was later written over to give another personal name (b). Small overhanging omega in the second name.


(a)  [--]Υ̣ΕΟΣ Πέτρου ΟΣΙ[--]

(b)  [--]Υ̣ΕΟΣ Θεωδούλου ΟΣΙ[--]


(a) … of Petrus …

(b) … of Theodulus …


"The first letter was read as upsilon by Meimaris; if instead we read a psi, something like [ὑπὲρ ἀναλήμ]ψεος becomes possible." (CIIP)


Fragmentary dedicatory (?) inscription of Petrus, reused for Theodulus, on a large piece of white marble, found blocking the entrance to the western burial chamber.

Personal names: 
Petrus, Theodulus
Epigraphical formulae: 
repose (anapausis, koimêsis)
Epigraphical Abbreviations: 
ΟΥ in ligature