Khirbet Banaya (Hazor Ashdod) - Church

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Selected bibliography: 
67, no. 93 (ed. pr.)
470-472, no. 135, fig. 175 (ph.)
73, no. 92
41-43, no. 1, fig. 1 (ph.)
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Epigraphical corpora: 

SEG 37 (1987): 1469 A

CIIP III (2014): 2313 (ph.)

Inscription type: 

Findspot: In the mosaic floor at the western end of the nave, in front of the main entrance.

Pres. loc.: IAA inv. no. 1957-1203.

Physical description : 

Mosaic inscription framed by a garland of black and orange tesserae held by two birds and forming a round medallion, 104 cm in diameter. The text is set in nine lines of different length, adapted to the curving frame. The characters are traced in black tesserae and belong to the square alphabet. They vary in height even in the same line, but in general are taller (up to 7.5 cm) in the upper and central part of the medallion, smaller (down to 5.5 cm) at the bottom. Horizontal lines mark the numerals and the nomina sacra. However, in the figure of the year, in l. 4, the line only surmounts the last two digits, i.e., the tens and the hundreds, and in the abbreviation ΧΥ in l. 1 and ΚΣ in l. 5 only the second letter is completely covered by the horizontal line, perhaps a mark of carelessness on the part of the mosaic layer. An abbreviation is marked with a small diagonal stroke across the kappa in l. 5. The inscription is surmounted by a Greek cross with crossbars at the end of its four arms (cross potent); a similar, slightly smaller cross marks the beginning of the text and two smaller ones (in orange tesserae) flank the last line. A vertical break cuts across the medallion, erasing some letters in ll. 2–9.



       ☩ Χ(ριστο)ῦ χάριτι

       ἐτελ(ε)ιώθ[η] τὸ πᾶν

       ἔργον τῆς ψηφώσεως

4     τῇ Δαισίου [ι´ τ]οῦ ειχ´

       ἔτους ἰ[νδι]κ(τιῶνος) ε´. Κ(ύριο)ς

       μνήσθ[ητι Ἐ]γλωνος

       καὶ Μα[ξιμ]ωνος

8     τῶν δ[ού]λων

       ☩ σ[ου]. ☩


By the grace of Christ the entire work of the mosaic was completed on the [10th] of Daesius of the year 615, in the 5th indiction. Lord, remember Thy servants Eglon and Maximon.


The date of the inscription is July 4th by the calendar of Ascalon, in the year 512 CE (615 according to the era of Ascalon), which duly fell in a fifth indiction.

(For further discussions on the dating of the inscription and on the forms of the personal names, see Di Segni 2019).

Given date: 
day of the month
4th July 512

Dated building inscription and prayer of Eglon and Maximon within a medallion in the mosaic pavement at the western end of the nave, 4th July 512.

the work was done
Definitions of building/part of building: 
psephosis,psephotheteia (mosaic)
Titles/epithets of patrons/dedicators: 
servant of God
Personal names: 
Eglon, Maximon
Epigraphical formulae: 
Lord/Christ, remember...
Epigraphical Abbreviations: 
horizontal lines for numerals and nomina sacra, small diagonal stroke across kappa