Khirbet el-Beiyudat - Church

Inscription number: 
Selected bibliography: 
265-267, no. 1 (dr.) (ed. pr.)
164-165, no. 1 (ph., dr.)
592-593, no. 203*, figs. 244 A-B (ph., dr.)
19-20, no. 16
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Epigraphical corpora: 

SEG 40 (1990): 1475

CIIP IV.1 (2018): 2672 (ph., dr.)

Inscription type: 

In the one of the mosaic intercolumnation between the nave and the southern aisle.

Physical description : 

Cramped, 4-line mosaic inscription set in a small tabula ansata (38 x 108 cm) in the one of the intercolumnations between the nave and the southern aisle. Narrow, angular characters (6-7 cm high) belong to the Byzantine square alphabet pointing to a date in the 5th or very beginning of the 6th century. Abbreviations include horizontal strokes and  inverted stigmas. Text begins with a cross.    


☩ Κύ(ριε) βοήθισον τοὺς δούλου(ς) (σοῦ)

Ἀφλεος καὶ Λούκας πρεσβι-

τέρους καὶ Στέφ(ανον) καὶ Σάμα(ιον)

καὶ Ἐλισέος καὶ λ⟨οι⟩


Lord, help (Thy) servants Aphleos and Luke the priests, and Stephen and Sama(ios?) and Elisha and others.


L.4 Λύπων (personal name), λυπῶν SEG, λ⟨οί⟩πων Feissel (BE).


Phonetic spellings and confusion of cases. Personal names left undeclined. The only truly Greek name is (Stephen) Stephanus; Luke is evangelical; Eliseos, a phonetic spelling of Elissaios, is a Hellenized form of the Hebrew Elisha; Aphleos is probably the Arabic name Haphal; the abbrieviated Sama(--) probably stands for Samaios, Sameos, or Samaos, a Greek transliterarion of the Jewish and Arab name Shamai.

second half of the 5th cent.?

Invocation of the Lord on behalf of priests and laymen, in the one of the mosaic intercolumnation between the nave and the southern aisle.

Ecclesiastical titles: 
Titles/epithets of patrons/dedicators: 
servant of God
Personal names: 
Aphleus, Eliseus, Lucas, Samaios (?), Stephanus
Epigraphical formulae: 
Lord/Christ, help...
Epigraphical Abbreviations: 
horizonal strokes, inverted stigmas