Khirbet el-Beiyudat - Church

Inscription number: 
Selected bibliography: 
268-270, no. 4 (dr.) (ed. pr.)
166-168, no. 4, pl. VIIIb (ph., dr.)
595-596, no. 204, figs. 248 A-B (ph., dr.)
19, no. 16
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Epigraphical corpora: 

SEG 40 (1990): 1478

CIIP IV.1 (2018): 2676 (ph., dr.)

Inscription type: 

In the mosaic pavement of the bema in front of the altar.

Physical description : 

Five-line inscription, beginning with a cross, set in a rectangular frame (75 x 185 cm) that overlaps the central motif of the earlier mosaic, left untouched under the altar table. Frame and characters in blue tesserae; rows separating the lines in red. Well-spaced, but crudely shaped characters of mixed square, round, and cursive shapes, including an eta-shaped in line 1. Abbreviations: horizontal stroke (for truncation and over the numeral) and stigma for truncation and καί. Ligature of ΟΥ. Trema on iota of Ἰουστίνου and ἰνδ(ικτιῶνος).


     ☩ Ἐπὶ τῆς εὐσεβοῦς βασιλείας τοῦ

     δεσπότου ἡμῶν Φλ(αουίου) Ἰουστίνου ἐγρά-

     φη ἐν μη(νὶ) Νοεμβρίου ιβʹ ἰνδ(ικτιῶνος) δʹ (καὶ) διὰ τοῦ

4   θεοφ(ιλεστάτου) πρεσβ(υτέρου) Ἀββοσούββ(ου) (καὶ) Ἐλισέ[ου]

     Σαορας Σελαμ(άνου) (καὶ) Στέφανος (καὶ) Γεωργ(ίου) ἐψ(ηφώθη).


Under the pious reign of our lord Flavius Iustinus (this inscription) was written, in the month of November, 12, of the 4th indicition, and the mosaic was made thanks to the God-loving priest Abbosoubbos and to Eliseos (son of) Saoras (son of) Salamanes, and to Stephen and to George.


L.5 or Γεώργ(ιος), if it was undeclined like Στέφανος.


Considering the paleography of the inscription, the emperor must be Justin II. The fourth year of the indictional cycle fell only once in his reign (570/1) yielding the date November 12, 571. Abbosoubbos is an Arabic name that appears in a few variations in Greek. Eliseos, Saoras, and Selamanes are Semitic names.  

Given date: 
day of the month
12 November 571

Dated building inscription from the reign of Justin II, in the mosaic pavement of the bema in front of the altar.

was paved with mosaic
was written
Ecclesiastical titles: 
Epithets of clergy/monks: 
God-loving (theophiles)
Titles/epithets of patrons/dedicators: 
pious (eusebes)
Personal names: 
Abbosoubbos, Eliseus, Flavius Iustinus, Georgius, Salamanes, Saoras, Stephanus
Epigraphical Abbreviations: 
horizontal stroke (for truncation and the numeral), stigma for truncation and καί, ligature of ΟΥ