Deir Ḥajla - GERASIMUS


(5) Abba Cyriacus the anchorite told me this story. “In my youth.” he said, “wishing to live in the desert, I went to the laura of great Euthymius, and, after I received the monastic habit from his holy hands, I was sent by him to Gerasimus, now with the Saints. Gerasimus, not wishing to have a young man in his laura received me in the coenobium of the laura and put me in charge of serving the fathers. After I had spent there five full years, on the 19th of January, on a Friday towards evening, I was making the kitchen ready, and at about the fifth hour of Saturday night, while I kept awake cleaning the vegetables for the fathers’ (meal), suddenly the holy Gerasimus came to me and said: “Hurry up, Cyriacus: fasten your sandals and put on your mantle, and follow me”. And I rose and followed him, and while we walked towards Jericho, I asked the old man: “Reverend father, what is the reason of such haste?” and great Gerasimus answered “The hallowed Euthymius is dead” <Gerasimus tells Cyriacus how he saw Euthymius’ soul ascending to heaven>.


(7) The disciples of our holy father told (this story) to some visitors, as we found in a written relation, composed by those who heard the story.

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

Cyriacus in the kitchen of the monastery of Gerasimus and the death of Euthymius, AD 473.