Deir el-Muqalik - THEOCTISTUS


<Aspebetos, a Saracen phylarch who had passed to the Byzantine side, had a paralysed son, Terebon. Inspired by a dream, Terebon urged his father to bring him to Euthymius> ... who lives in the eastern desert of Jerusalem, ten miles away, in the ravine on the south of the road to Jericho. <Euthymius came down from the church and healed the boy. Following this miracle, Aspebetos decided to convert to Christianity with all his tribe.>

The miracle-worker Euthymius, understanding that their faith in Christ came from the heart, ordered, that a small baptismal font be made in a corner of the cave, which is preserved to this very day. and, after having instructed them, he baptized the whole lot in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. He changed Aspebetos’ name to Peter: he was the first to be baptised. After him (Euthymius baptised) one Maris, Aspebetos’ brother-in-law; both most intelligent men and thriving with conspicuous wealth; then (the saint) baptised Terebon and the others. He kept them with him for forty days. enlightening and confirming them (in the faith) with the divine word, then dismissed those former Agarenes and Ishmaelites, now transformed into Sara’s offspring and heirs of the Promise, and brought from slavedom into freedom by the baptism. As a matter of fact, Terebon’s uncle Maris never left the monastery, but renounced the world and stayed there all his life, greatly pleasing God, and gave all his many possessions for the building and enlarging of the monastery …

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

Story of Terebon.