Deir el-Muqalik - THEOCTISTUS


In the 90th year of great Euthymius, life, our great father Theoctistus fell gravely ill and died of this illness on September 3, at the beginning of the fifth indiction <AD 466>, ‘an old man and full of years’ <Gen. 25:8>. The hallowed Euthymius, having come down to visit him and having found him dangerously ill, stayed some days, and, when the thrice-blessed Theoctistus completed his race and migrated to God, he rendered him the last honours.

<The archbishop of Jerusalem, Anastasius, came down to the monastery to lay Theoctistus in his grave and to assure Euthymius of his devotion> … The old man humbly replied: “Pardon me, reverend father, even if this request importunes you: take upon yourself the care of this monastery.” But the archbishop answered: “Even when blessed Theoctistus was alive, you were the one who kept this place in hand: you also founded it and made it a holy present to Christ, with the power of the Holy Ghost that dwells in you: and so now I entrust to you what is your own.” And with these words the archbishop took his leave of Euthymius and went back to his see. Great Euthymius, judging that Terebon’s uncle, Maris, a virtuous man already advanced in age, was worthy and capable to guide souls towards (the fulfilment of) God’s will, appointed him hegumen of the monastery, and went back to his laura. Maris served in the abbacy for two years, then died; and then great Euthymius came down again, laid Abba Maris in the grave of the great Theoctistus and appointed as hegumen of the monastery one Longinus, a praiseworthy man.

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

After the death of Theoctistus, AD 466, Terebon’s uncle Maris is appointed new abbot of the monastery.
Key quotation(s): 
Gen. 25:8