Deir el-Muqalik - THEOCTISTUS


(6) <Cyriacus became a disciple of a virtuous monk, called Thomas.>

Thomas was sent to Alexandria by the deacon Fidus, to buy curtains from the archbishop for the coenobium that was being built. At that time indeed the monasteries of our fathers Euthymius and Theoctistus were united: they led their life in common and had one administration under a single steward after great Euthymius’ precept. But twelve years after the saintly departure of the holy man, the hegumen of Abba Theoctistus’ monastery, Abba Longinus, died and Paul succeeded to the abbacy; then Terebon the Saracen, who had once been cured and baptized by the great Euthymius, being on the point of death, bequeathed several properties to both monasteries. But Paul in his arrogance seized both Terebon’s remains and the properties and thus ensued confusion and separation of the monasteries.

(7) The lands around the monastery of Saint Euthymius were divided and Paul had a tower built on the estate, and paid two hundred solidi for the purchase of a hostel, in order that he alone might hold in possession the common hostel in the holy city. Then, with those two hundred solidi the fathers of great Euthymius monastery acquired a hostel near David’s tower, from the fathers of the laura of Souka. But Abba Cyriacus, grieved at heart because of the separation of the two monasteries, withdrew from (Euthymius’ monastery) and went to the laura of Souka, at about the end of the 8th indiction <August 485>. 

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

The monasteries of Euthymius and Theoctistus split up on account of economic friction and the common property was divided, ca. AD 485.