Hyrcania; Kh. Mird; el Mird - CASTELLION


This athlete of piety, Sabas, was journeying one day from Jericho to the Jordan with a disciple. They came across a group of secular people and among them a nice-looking girl. After they had gone past, the old man, wishing to put his disciple to the tests, said: “What kind of girl is that who passed us? she is one-eyed!” And the disciple answered: “No, father, she has both her eyes”. “You are mistaken, son,” said the old man, “she is one-eyed”. But the other insisted that he knew very well that the girl was not one-eyed: rather, she vas very keen-sighted. Then the old man retorted “How do you know it for sure?” and he said: “I was paying careful attention and I know that she uses both her eyes”. Then the old man replied: “And what about the precept that says: do not raise your eyes to a woman, ‘do not let her capture you with her eyelashes’ <Prov. 6:25>? The passion (rising) from an inquisitive glance can burn. And be assured, from now on you are not staying with me in the cell, because you do not control your eyes as is proper.” So he sent the disciple to the Castellion, and only after he had spent some time there and bad been taught to keep a full watch over his eyes and mind did (Sabas) accepted him back in the Laura as a cell-dweller.

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

A disciple is sent by Sabas to Castellion to learn self discipline.
Key quotation(s): 
Prov. 6:25