Hyrcania; Kh. Mird; el Mird - CASTELLION


 A woman from my mother city <Scythopolis>, named Genarus, ordered two curtains <altar screens>, one-for the Castellion, one for the Spelaion. When all the material was ready, the women who had promised to weave the curtains changed their mind. Genarus was very much distressed, but blessed Sabas appeared to her in a dream and said: “Tomorrow morning send for the weavers: they will come and accomplish the work. And do not be distressed, for there will be no hindrance to your offering”. He also appeared to the weavers, reproaching them for putting off that work; and the next day at dawn they all came full of joy and zeal, telling each other about the visions they had seen. So they accomplished the work giving thanks to God.

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

A woman from Scythopolis donates curtains (altar screens) to Castellion and Spelaion.