Deir el-Muqalik - THEOCTISTUS

Church/Monastery name: 
Deir el-Muqalik - THEOCTISTUS
Inscription number: 
Selected bibliography: 
274-275, 81*, no. 3, fig. 4 (dr.) (ed. pr.) (in Hebrew)
Abbreviation for Journals and Series
Epigraphical corpora: 

SEG 37 (1987): 1504

CIIP IV.1 (2018): 3174 (dr.)

Inscription type: 

On a natural rock wall at the eastern end of the mosaic pavement, below and to the left of Inscription no. 20.

Physical description : 

The script is formal lapidary more strict than that of inscription no. 2. Letters are ca. 4 cm high. The inscription was very carefully made with a sharp chisel, and attention was given in keeping all letters in line and of the same hight. The inscription is engraved over an already exisitng cross, 14 cm high.


☩ Κ(ύρι)ε, φύλαξον τὴν δούλην σου



O Lord, protect thy handmaid Axilna (Axil[i]na?).


For a discussion of the possible interpretations of the name, see Di Segni and Patrich.


Invocation of the Lord on behalf of Axilna – grafitto on a rock wall in the cistern near the monastery.

Titles/epithets of patrons/dedicators: 
servant of God
Personal names: 
Axilna / Axilina
Epigraphical formulae: 
Lord/Christ, protect...
Epigraphical Abbreviations: 
horizontal stroke over nomen sacrum