Jerusalem (Extra mural) - ST. STEPHEN monatery


And likewise Gabriel too, who had been appointed priest of the holy (church of the) Resurrection, as I wrote above, and was hegumen of Saint Stephen for twenty-four years, built himself a small monastery in the valley to the east of the sacred hill of the holy Ascension. He would retire there from the eighth day after the holy Epiphany (January 14) and live in seclusion until the Festival of Palms, according to the tradition handed down by our holy father Euthymius. And he died in this same monastery in the days of the holy Lent and was buried there, being eighty years old and having himself proved a miracle-worker. He was very gifted and fond of learning, and had learnt to speak and write correctly in Latin, Greek and Syriac.

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

On Gabriel, priest of the Church of the Resurrection and abbot of Saint Stephen for twenty-four years, AD 456-480/1.