Khirbet Umm Rukba - Monastery


<Euthymius leaves Mt Mardas and makes for the Wilderness of Zif to visit the caves where David took refuge in his flight from Saul.>

In this area a monastery was established by him; and the motive for the foundation of that monastery is said to have been this. The son of a headman of the village of Aristobulias, who suffered from an evil spirits, would scream and call holy Euthymius by name. The boy’s father, having heard of Euthymius’ presence, in the area between their village and Capharbaricha, came, looking for-him. As soon as the youth met eyes upon the holy man, he went into convulsions and the demon departed from his body, leaving him cured. When the story of the miracle spread abroad, people came to Euthymius: from Aristobulias, and the nearby villages and they built him a monastery; some brothers gathered together to live with him, while God provided their bodily needs. And so it happened that some Zifeans, who previously had followed the heresy named after madness <mania ~ Manichean>, through the God-inspired teaching of Euthymius abandoned this unholy heresy, anathemized its parent, Manes, and were baptised, after having been instructed in the Catholic and Apostolic faith.

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

Establishment of the monastery near Capharbaricha by the villagers of Aristobulias, ca. AD 422.