Deir Mar Jirys - CHOZIBA


(3) <George leaves his native Cyprus and joins his elder brother in the Laura of Calamon.> When (his brother) saw George was still young and without a beard, following the precepts of the holy fathers he refused to receive him into the Laura, as being without a beard; instead, he took him to the monastery of our holy Lady, the Mother of God, called Choziba. and entrusted him to the hegumen’s hands; then he went back to his own cell.

(4) The hegumen, remarking George’s great steadiness and his monastic discretion, after a short time shaved his head and clothed him in the monastic habit. Then he called one of the solitaries, a man already advanced in asceticism, who was entrusted with the care of the so-called “new garden”. and gave him George as a helper. This elder was a hard man, a Mesopotamian by birth. Now, one day he sent the youth to the torrent to bring water; but after having gone there, he came back with empty hands, for with all his clothes on he had been unable to draw the water, which was smothered under a tangle of reeds and wood. (The old man) made him take off his garment, gird himself with his apron and so go down and bring the water. Then, since the youngster was a long time coming out of the stream, the old man hid his garment and went off for eating time. When the boy returned and did not find either his master or his garment, he went back to the monastery naked, except for the cloth around his loins. When he knocked, the hostel keeper opened the door and seeing him naked, asked him whatever was the matter. (George) told him what had happened, and the hostel keeper brought out a garment, gave it to the boy to put on, then let him into the monastery. When his master came down from his meal, he met (George) in front of the (chapel of the) five holy fathers who are buried there, and seeing him, angrily and threateningly slapped him, saying: “Why did you loiter?” And immediately the old man’s hand became withered.

(5) <George’s prayers cure the old man’s withered hand. Fearing the renown brought to him by this miracle, George leaves secretly, and joins his brother in Calamon.>

George enters the monastery of Choziba, but after performing a miracle, secretly leaves for laura of Calamon, from an early-mid. 7th cent. life written by his disciple.