Deir Ḥajla - GERASIMUS


The death of our father Gerasimus occurred on the fifth of March of the 13rd indiction <AD 475>, at the beginning of Zenon’s reign. He left as successors in the abbacy his brothers, Basilius and Stephen, who governed his community for 6 years; then they died <AD 481>; and so, by a vote of all the holy fathers, the thrice-blessed Eugenius seized the command of great Gerasimus’ flock. After he governed the community for 45 years and 4 months, in a worthy manner that pleased God, Eugenius died on August 19 the 4th indiction <AD 526> …

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

Death of Gerasimus, AD 475, and list of his immediate successors.