Khirbet el-Kuṣeir - SOUSAKIM


As the place had no cistern, Cyriacus has adapted the hollows in the rock to serve him (as receptacles); he gathered the water in winter and this amply sufficed for his needs, both for drinking and for watering the vegetables during the entire summer. But once the water was exausted by the month of July and he was in great straits: so, raising his eyes to God in supplication, he prayed: “O Lord God, give me a little water for the unavoidable need of this low body of mine”. And God listened to his prayer, and all of a sudden a little cloud climbed into the sky above Sousakim, and dropped rain around Cyriacus cell, and filled all the receptacles (docei'a) among the rocks. I think it right to mention here an edifying story told me by Abba John. While we walked in the desert (on the path from Souka to Sousakim), he showed me a place, which was, he said, the tomb of the blessed Mary …

<Chapter 18-19: John recounts to Cyril that once, on his way to Sousakim, he met an anchorite who lived in an underground cave. This person proved to be a woman, Mary, a former musician of the church of the resurrection, who, having caused many to sin, had decided to retire into the desert, taking with her only a jar of water and a basket of soaked pulse which miraculously lasted her for 18 years. She had lived in that cave, hidden from all, until that very day, when John and his companion discovered her. After having visited Cyriacus they came back, found the woman dead and buried her in her own cave, blocking the entrance with stones.>

(transl. Leah Di Segni)
Miracle of rain in Sousakim.