Khirbet Bureikut - EUSTATHIOS (?)


… At daybreak Theognius rode out of town (i.e. Jerusalem) on a donkey, followed by two attendants; but when they reached the point opposite the monastery of the blessed Abba Eustathius, the right leg of the beast slipped and the venerable Elder rolled headlong and tumbled down in the hollow alongside the road, breaking his leg on the spot. The brothers went down there and found that the beast had already risen and stood (unhurt), but the old man lay in agony, gasping with the pain of the fracture. One of his attendants, had a linen cloth: directly he bandaged the old man’s foot, then they put him on his donkey and brought him to us with gloomy faces …

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

Theognius rides on a donkey back from Jerusalem to the monastery of the blessed Abba Eustathius, from a life of Theognius written just after his death AD 522-526.