A Note to the User

Dear User,

The site is still under work. At the moment only the Monasteries, Epigraphy, Decorations and Bibliography sections of the database are open to the public. The Churches section is undergoing a thorough proof-reading before it will go open. Hence, at the moment, only a small selection is available. Likewise only few sites in the other sections. Work on the Literary Sources is currently in progress. All accessible sites, namely - all Monasteries and the selected list of Churches, are marked on the map, and are also accessible by double-clicking on the site name. All Map layers can be displayed as well, by checking the appropriate box.

The entire database in the Monasteries section was compiled by Dr. Tamar Backner under the direction of Prof. Joseph Patrich; the Decorations section - by Sharon Burger and Shlomit Kulik. The inscriptions in the Epigraphy section were inserted and indexed by Jonathan Schabbi, following a detailed list provided by Dr. Leah Di Segni, a co-director of this project.

Please note that if the inscriptions of a said monastery were uncovere in its church or in annexes to the church, the link to the Epigraphy section will appear in the Churches section of the database. Likewise concerning the Architectural Member section of a monastic church.

Most of the sites are accompanied by plans, photos and other illustrations. For each we were trying to give appropriate reference or credit. In case you encounter a fault, please let us know at: dig.corps-cmhl@mail.huji.ac.il, and it will be amended. Any feedback will be welcome. 


Prof. (emeritus ) Joseph Patrich, project director.