Historiae Ecclesiasticae quae exstant

Zacharia, Scholasticus sive Rhetor Mitylenensis, Historiae Ecclesiasticae quae exstant, in: Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca‎ 85, edited by Migne‎, J. P., Paris‎, 1857-1866: cols. 1011–1114.
‎♦ 465–after 536, lawyer, later bishop of Mitylene; as such, he recanted Monophysism at the synod of Constantinople in 536; Church history, written in Greek between 491 and 511; only some chapters, quoted by Evagrius Scholasticus (Evagr., q.v.) in his HE, are preserved. In abridged form, it was used in ps. Zach Schol., Chron.