Laus sanctorum Cyri et Joannis martyrum

Sophronius, patriarcha Hierosolymitanus, Laus sanctorum Cyri et Joannis martyrum, in: Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca‎ 87 iii, edited by Migne‎, J. P., Paris‎, 1857-1866: cols. 3379–3424.
‎♦ Damascene monk, companion of Joannes Moschus [Jo. Mosch., q.v.]; ca. 560–638, patriarch of Jerusalem 633/4–638; Eulogy for the Egyptian martyrs Cyrus and John, the ‘Anargyri’ saints who healed the sick without payment and had a famous sanctuary in Egypt. They were martyred under Diocletian.