Leimonarion seu Pratum spirituale

Joannes Moschus, Leimonarion seu Pratum spirituale, in: Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Graeca‎ 87 iii, edited by Migne‎, J. P., Paris‎, 1857-1866: cols. 2847–3116.
‎♦ Monk in the Judaean desert; d. 619; Anecdotes of monastic life, collected by Jo. Mosch. in Palestine, Egypt, and Syria. The Greek text in PG is accompanied by a fourteenth-century Latin translation made by Ambrogio Traversari from a different Greek MS. ‎♦ The text in PG, containing 219 anecdotes, is not complete; Photius knew a collection of 304. Some additional anecdotes, not all certainly by Moschus, have been published by Mioni, Nau and Clugnet and by Nissen.