Vita sancti Hilarionis eremitae

Hieronymus, Stridonensis presbyterus, Vita sancti Hilarionis eremitae, in: Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Series Latina‎ 23, edited by Migne, J. P., Paris, 1844-1880: cols. 29–54.
‎♦‎ also edited and translated by A.A. Bastianensen and J.W. Smit, Vita di Ilarione, Verona (Fondazione Lorenzo Valla) 1973 ‎♦‎ Jerome, Dalmatian monk and scholar, ca. 347–420, established in Bethlehem 386–420; A biography of the first Palestinian monk, Hilarion, who lived as a hermit near Gaza and died in 371; written 390–391