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16751 Pringle, D. , Leach, P. (contributions) 1983
Pringle, D. and Leach, P. (contributions), "Two Medieval Villages North of Jerusalem: Archaeological Investigations in al-Jib and ar-Ram", Levant 15 (1983): 141-177.
Journal article
16804 Dinur, E. 1985
Dinur, E., "'Anata", Excavations and Surveys in Israel 4 (1985): 3-5.
Journal article
16826 Nadelman, Y. 1994
Nadelman, Y., "The Identification of Anathoth and the Soundings at Khirbet Deir es-Sidd", Israel Exploration Journal 44, no. 1-2 (1994): 62-74.
Journal article
16864 McKinney, C., Schwartz, O., Barkay, G., Fantalkin, A., Zissu, B. 2018
McKinney, C., Schwartz, O., Barkay, G., Fantalkin, A. and Zissu, B., "Kiriath-Jearim (Deir el-ʿÂzar): Archaeological Investigations of a Biblical Town in the Judaean Hill Country", Israel Exploration Journal 68, no. 1 (2018): 30-49.
Journal article
16898 Jaussen, A., Savignac, R., Vincent, L. H. 1905
Jaussen, A., Savignac, R. and Vincent, L. H., "ʿAbdeh (Suite)", Revue Biblique 14 (2), no. 2 (1905): 235-257.
Journal article
16919 Dresken-Weiland, J. 1991
Dresken-Weiland, J., Reliefierte Tischplatten aus theodosianischer Zeit, 1991.
16941 Siegelmann, A. 1988/89
Siegelmann, A., "Ḥorvat Qastra", Excavations and Surveys in Israel 7-8 (1988/89): 150-151.
Journal article
16942 Puech, É. 2001
Puech, É., "Notes d'épigraphie christo-palestinienne cisjordanienne", Revue Biblique 108, no. 1 (2001): 61-72.
Journal article
16944 Barkay, G. 1995
Barkay, G., "New Excavations at Ketef Hinnom", in: Recent Innovations in the Study of Jerusalem. The First Conference, edited by Safrai, Z. and Faust, A., Ramat Gan, 1995: 8-15 (in Hebrew).
Book Section
16949 Goldfus, H., Gozlan, J. M. 1985
Goldfus, H. and Gozlan, J. M., "Abu Tor", Excavations and Surveys in Israel 4 (1985): 51-52.
Journal article
16961 Hizmi, H. 2002
Hizmi, H., "El-Khirbe––an Iron Age fortress East of Jerusalem at the Edge of the Desert", Qadmoniot 35.2, no. 124 (2002): 102–107 (in Hebrew).
Journal article
16962 Hizmi, H. 2004
Hizmi, H., "The Excavation at el-Khirbe: An Iron Age Settlement and Byzantine Inn East of Jerusalem", in: Burial Caves and Sites in Judea and Samaria from the Bronze and Iron Ages (JSP 4), edited by Hizmi, H. and De-Groot, A., Jerusalem, 2004: 157–188.
Book Section
16963 Schiller, E. 1983
Schiller, E., "The road between Jerusalem and Jericho", Qardom 28-30 (1983): 13–17 (in Hebrew).
Journal article
16966 Mackenzie, D. 1911
Mackenzie, D., "The Excavations at Ain Shems, 1911", Palestine Exploration Fund Annual 1 (1911): 41-94, Plates VII-XIV.
Journal article
16976 Mizrachi, Y. 2005 Journal article
16977 Zilberbod, I. 2014 Journal article
16998 Strus, A. 2000
Strus, A., Bet Gemal : pathway to the tradition of Saints Stephen and Gamaliel, Roma, 2000.
17009 Soennecken, K. 2006
Soennecken, K., Ramat Rachel in the Byzantine Period, M.A. Thesis, University of Edinburgh, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of History and Classics, Classics, 2006.
17012 Ben-Tor, A. , Cohen, S. L. , Lipschits, O., Oeming, M., Gadot, Y., Arubas, B., Cinamon, G. 2006
Ben-Tor, A., Cohen, S. L., Lipschits, O., Oeming, M., Gadot, Y., Arubas, B. and Cinamon, G., "NOTES AND NEWS (Ramat Rachel)", Israel Exploration Journal no. Vol. 56, No. 2 (2006): 216-235.
Journal article
17014 Gadot, Y., Taxel, I. 2016
Gadot, Y. and Taxel, I., "Part II: Stratigraphy, Architecture and Pottery. Chapter 5. Sub-Sector AES1: The Church and the Annexed Building", in: Ramat Rahel III. Final Publications of Yohanan Aharoni's Excavations (1954, 1959-1962). Volume I, edited by Lipschits, O., Gadot, Y. and Freud, L., Winona Lake, Indiana, Eisenbrauns, 2016: 41-64.
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