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18807 Meimaris, Y. E. 1990
Meimaris, Y. E., "The Monastery of Saint Euthymios the Great at Khan el-Ahmar, in the Wilderness of Judaea: Rescue Excavations and Basic Protection Measures, 1976-1979. Preliminary Report", in: Ποικίλα, Athens, 1990: 397-504.
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18808 Alt, A. 1928
Alt, A., "Das Institut im Jahre 1927", Palästinajahrbuch des Deutschen Evangelischen Instituts für Altertumswissenschaft des Heiligen Landes zu Jerusalem 24 (1928): 5-74.
Journal article
18823 Di Segni, L. 2017
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18833 Abel, F. M. 1920
Abel, F. M., "Épigraphie du Sud palestinien (in: Chronique, p. 107-137)", Revue Biblique 29, no. 1 (1920): 113-126.
Journal article
18841 Figueras, P. 2004
Figueras, P., "Greek Inscriptions from Nessana", in: Nessana: Excavations and Studies, edited by Urman, D., Beer Sheva, 2004: 222*-242*.
Book Section
18859 Feissel, D., Gatier, P.-L. 2006
Feissel, D. and Gatier, P.-L., "Syrie, Phénicie, Palestine, Arabie (in: Bulletin épigraphique, p. 609-764)", Revue des Études Grecques 119 (2006): 723-742.
Journal article
18865 Lagrange, M. J. 1897
Lagrange, M. J., "Chronique: Du Sinai à Nahel", Revue Biblique 6, no. 4 (1897): 605-625.
Journal article
18874 Haddad, E., Nadav-Ziv, L., Danziger, O., Elisha, Y. 2019
Haddad, E., Nadav-Ziv, L., Danziger, O. and Elisha, Y., "Modi'in, Giv'at Sher", Excavations and Surveys in Israel 131 (2019).
Journal article
18876 Aviam, M., Shalem, D. 2012
Aviam, M. and Shalem, D., "A Decorated Portable Reliquarium from Shave Zion", Liber Annuus 62 no. 62 (2012): 363-366.
Journal article
18878 Gutfeld, O., Avigad, N., Geva, H. 2012
Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem Conducted by Nahman Avigad, 1969-1982. Volume V: The Cardo (Area X) and the Nea Church (Areas D and T). Final Report, Edited by Gutfeld, O., Avigad, N. and Geva, H., Jerusalem, 2012.
18879 Briand, J. 1973
Briand, J., Sion, Jerusalem, 1973.
18880 Geva, H. 1991
Geva, H., "Holy Sion Church", in: The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land, edited by Stern, E., Jerusalem, 1991: 778.
18882 Cohen, C., Klein, E. 2020
Cohen, C. and Klein, E., "Nahal Hazazon", Excavations and Surveys in Israel 132 (2020).
Journal article
18893 Yeivin, S. 1955
Yeivin, S., Archaeological Activities in Israel (1948-1955), Jerusalem, 1955.
18911 Meimaris, Y. E. 1976
Meimaris, Y. E., "Khan el-Ahmar", Hadashot Arkheologiyot 49-50 (1976): 34-35 (in Hebrew).
Journal article
18933 Hirschfeld, Y. 2002
Hirschfeld, Y., Desert of the Holy City, Jerusalem, 2002.
18940 Radashkovsky, I 2020
Radashkovsky, I, "Horbat Hanot. Final Report.", Hadashot Archaelogiyot no. 132 (2020).
Journal article
18941 Hempel, J. 1928
Hempel, J., "Chronik", Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 46 (1928): 59-73.
Journal article
18947 Lehmann, G., Peilstocker, M. 2012 Book
18964 Kempinski, A. , Fritz, V. 1975
Kempinski, A. and Fritz, V., "Excavations at Tel Masos (Khibet el-Meshash) Preliminary Report of the Third Season", Tel Aviv Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University no. 4:3-4 (1975): 136-158.
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