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Nid Site Name Church name View
12444 Heptapegon The Miracle of the Multiplying of Loaves and Fishes,2- Basilica. View
12439 Heptapegon The Sermon on the Mount. View
15988 Ḥorvat Siaḥ; Kh. es Siḥ Church View
13332 Jabaliyah; el-Mkheitim Church View
447 Jerusalem (Mount of Olives) Gethsemane (Church of Agony) View
2561 Jerusalem (Old city) Probatica; St. Mary View
14201 Khirbet el-Messani; Khirbet el-Maṣani; Khirbet al-Meṣani; Ḥorvat Miṣna NEW ST. ZACHARIA (?) View
19681 Khirbet et-Tira; Khirbet Tirat-Tamra Church View
11981 Kursi-Gerasa; Chorsia-Gergesa Church View
13087 Motza (Colonia) Church View
19719 Archangel Gabriel; St. Gabriel St. Gabriel View
13613 Nazareth Church of St. Joseph View
13671 Nazareth Church of the Annunciation View
14664 Shderot (Horvat Neged) East Church View
14663 Shderot (Horvat Neged) West Church View
13741 Sussita Cathedral View
108 Sussita Northeast Church (NEC) View
109 Sussita Northwest Church (NWC) View
107 Sussita Southwest Church (SWC) View
92 Tiberias Mt. Berenice View