Bethany (Bethania; el 'Azariye) - St. Lazarus (Early Church)

General description: 

Basilical church with internal apse and lockable pastophoria.

Only the eastern part of the Early Church, 17 m wide, is preserved. Its west is covered by the mosque courtyard. The church in its entirety extended to the tomb of Lazarus to the west.


On base of the Christian sources and the mosaic styles, the Early church is dated to the fourth century. 

The church was destroyed by an earthquake at the 5th century and a Late Church was built instead of it.



Abbreviation for Journals and Series


Item number Location in the architectural complex View
1 Nave View
2 South aisle View
3 North aisle View
4 South-east compartment (diaconicon) View
5 North-east compartment (prothesis) View