Khirbet el-Beiyudat - Church

General description: 

The Basilica is paved with mosaics in the narthex, north and south aisles, bema and nave. Additionally, the church holds five Greek inscriptions. 


Three phases.

The first phase: Is dated to the end of the fifth century and beginning of the sixth century C.E. Second phase: Probably mid-sixth century during the time of Bishop Porphyrius. New mosaic floor was laid on the bema and the apse floor. The tesserae were dumped in the outer court, north of the apse. The third phase dates perhaps to the year 570-571. The mosaic floor was replaced and inscriptions were inserted in front of the altar table. 

The church was burned down a few decades later as indicated by the charred beams and ash found. 


Abbreviation for Journals and Series


Item number Location in the architectural complex View
1 Nave View
2 Narthex View
3 Bema and Apse View
4 Aisles View