Site Name Church/Monastery name Decorations
Bethany (Bethania; el 'Azariye) St. Lazarus (Second Church) View
Bethany (Bethania; el 'Azariye) St. Lazarus (Second Church) View
Bethlehem Chapel View
Bethlehem The Nativity: Constantinian church View
Bethlehem The Nativity: Justinian church View
Bir al Hamam Chapel View
Bir el-Qutt church ST. THEODORE? View
CARIATH IARIM; Deir el-'Azar The Sanctuary of the Ark. View
Dabburiya church (?) View
Deir 'Arabi (Khirbet Deir el-‘Arab) Chapel View
Deir Daqla; Deir Daqle Church View
Deir el 'Asal Church View
Deir el-Muqalik THEOCTISTUS View
'Ein el Ma'amudieh Chapel View
Heptapegon The Miracle of the Multiplying of Loaves and Fishes,2- Basilica. View
Herodion; Khirbet Firdaus; el Fureidis Northern Church View
Ḥorvat Beth Loya Church View
Ḥorvat Gerarit; Kh. Umm Jerar Church View
Ḥorvat Hesheq ST. GEORGE View
Ḥorvat Kasif‎; Khirbet Kuseifa North Church View