Deir Ḥajla - GERASIMUS


Abba Peter, the priest of the laura of our holy father Sabas, told us a story about Hagiodoulos. When he was hegumen of the laura of blessed Gerasimus, one of the brothers who lived there died, and the old man was not informed of the fact. When the director of the office struck the wooden beam, at which signal all the brothers would gather and escort the dead (to his grave), the old man, seeing the body of the brother lying in the church, was grieved that he had not given him the farewell kiss, before (the brother’s) departure from this life. So he came up to the bier and said to the dead: “Rise, brother, and give me a kiss”. And the dead man rose and kissed the Elder. Then the old man said to him: “Now go to rest, until the Son of God will come and raise you”.

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

Miracle of Hagiodoulos, the abbot of the laura, from an early 7th cent. collection of anecdotes.