In the coenobium of our holy father Theodosius, Abba Theodosius, who later became bishop of Capitolias, told us this story about Abba Nonnus:

“One night, before the striking of the nocturnal drum, while I reclined in my couch, I heard a voice, saying in a mild and quiet tone: “God, have pity” <Kyrie eleison, a well-known prayer>. And after I had counted fifty ‘Kyrie eleison’, I wanted to know who the speaker was, and leaning out to look through the window of my cell into the church, I saw this old man on his knees, and a radiant star (stood) above his head, revealing with its light who the old man was.”

Another elder of the same coenobium told us a story about this same Abba Nonnus. “One night, before the striking of the drum, I came out of my cell and went to the church, and I saw the old man standing before the church, praying with his hands stretched out to heaven. And his hands shone like torches of fire; and I retired in fear.”

(transl. Leah Di Segni)

Elders of the coenobium tell stories about Abba Nonnus praying in the church at night.